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UCM Services Evanston

We at UCM Services Evanston provide the best cleaning service for your home. We know your time is valuable and you spend your money wisely. That is the reason we are in the carpet cleaning business to make people happy and proud of their home.

Carpet Cleaning

Following proper carpet care protocol is important for many reasons. It can be argued that the two most important reasons to take care of your carpets relate to health and finances. Neglected carpets can be hazardous to your health, and have been identified as contributors to respiratory related issues such as increased asthma and allergy attacks. In addition, poorly maintained carpets will require frequent repair or even replacement, due to staining, discoloration or fiber degradation.

We at Carpet Cleaning Evanston suggests two simple steps that will keep your family breathing easy:

  1. vacuum once a week to remove surface dirt and dust
  2. have Carpet Cleaning Evanston steam clean your carpets once every two to three years.

Steam carpet cleaning, which we at Carpet Cleaning Evanston carries out using powerful truck-mounted equipment, is the most effective method for removing embedded dirt, dust mites and other common carpet pollutants, resulting in fresh, renewed carpets.

Upholstery Cleaning

The wide variety in upholstery coverings makes it difficult to prescribe a one-for-all method for proper cleaning. Leather, plastic, vinyl and other upholstery coverings of this type can be wipe down with a damp rag, or may require the application of a special product to condition and renew it. Other upholstery coverings vary in the durability of the fabric and fibers, and, in turn, respond differently to identical methods. The only way to avoid discoloration, permanent staining or unpleasant odors, however, is to clean your upholstery regularly. In addition to following manufacturer recommendations for DIY maintenance, professional cleaning will allow you to use your upholstered furniture longer. Professional upholstery cleaners at Carpet Cleaning Evanston have vast experience in cleaning all types of fabrics and fibers, natural or man-made, including leather and suede. If you've been considering reupholstering, call Carpet Cleaning Evanston first - intensive cleaning will renew and refresh your furniture, and may save you a bundle of money.

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Window Treatments

Shutters, blinds, drapes, curtains and shades protect your interiors from prying eyes and harsh sun while complementing or accenting your interior design. Though the hanging mechanism may vary, all window treatments respond well to periodic cleaning, which removes dirt, dust and odors. If you're planning a carpet or upholstery cleaning session, don't forget to ask about window treatment cleaning services. Window treatments can often be cleaned without removal, but in some cases, they will require removal and cleaning off-site at Carpet Cleaning Evanston's cleaning plant. Pick-up and delivery is free.

Sometimes you've got to spend a little money to save a little money. Refresh your interiors instead of replacing them.
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